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Ballester & Quiñones: Bio

The Ballester & Quiñones Story

Balllester & Quiñones Corporation is the product of two retired professionals’engineers from Puerto Rico, Chemical Engineer Miguel Ballester and Mechanical Engineer Luis Quiñones. They, for a moment, put aside their daily routines, to hear, from their music collections, the music of the years 1940-1960 as recorded by one of the best, if not the best, Latin orchestra of the time, the Billo’s Caracas Boys Orchestra. So impressed they were with the sound quality of the recordings and the songs lyrics, that they decided to make an album  with the best of the bests songs in the albums. They could not conceive that such music, music for all times, would remain hidden to the old and new generation. Hours were spent listening to multiple recordings. The songs selection was not an easy task due to the number of beautiful ones in the pack, but finally 18 songs were selected. But the big question was how to do it. First we looked for the copyright laws governing the music industry activity. Once well informed, we put together the necessary infrastructure and contacted the Billo’s Caracas Boys Administration. After the corresponding negotiation, a contract was signed that allow  us to reproduce the music from their repertoire and market it under our own label B&Q..

Up to date SEVEN music CD’s with the music played by the Billo’s Caracas Boys Orchestra are already in the market and selling well. Four others are almost ready and we hope to launch them pretty soon.

A similar arrengenment have been completed with the Roberto Ortiz Orchestra Administration, and the first album played with their music "Clasicos" is already in the market